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 It’s not what you say but how you say it.  Based on our human experiences we all know this but, as a voice actor, it takes on grander importance.  Whether it’s selling car brands, the hottest new fashions or invoking trust to invest your retirement funds with a certain institution, how you say things matters. It matters to your clients and customers, it matters to you and it matters to me. My job is to breathe life into otherwise inanimate words that sell your brand, teach a new skill, tell your story, or sing your song. It’s a beautiful challenge I take pride in … and love.

I’m privileged to be represented as a Voice Actor by William Morris Endeavor in Beverly Hills and managed by Suzanne Spaziani at Danno Management, Asheville North Carolina.  Given the fact I’m currently a resident of Monterey California and thanks to technology I am thrilled to say no matter where you are in the world we have the possibility of working together.

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